Czech Kings Trail

Part of the Czech Kings Bike Trail is a nature trail of the same name. It contains a total of ten boards with information for tourists. From Beroun the bike trail leads to the cardinal points. For each direction the trail is marked by a letter. “A” is for the direction to Srbsko and B for the direction to Králův Dvůr. There are six boards along the Berounka.

They include, for example, information about the rare thermophilic dice snake, quarrying in Alkazar as well as the current inhabitants of its drifts, i.e., bats. In the direction to Králův Dvůr there are four boards informing, for instance, about the history of Beroun, the famous explorer Joachim Barrand, etc. The city of Beroun received funds amounting to CZK 32 million for the bike trails from the European Union. The information boards and the marking of the trails cost CZK 224 thousand. The contents of individual boards (in Czech) can be seen HERE.

Flood Trail

The Flood Trail was opened in 2012 on the tenth anniversary of the floods in Beroun. Its six information boards provided facts about the history as well as the construction of the bridges and flood control systems in Beroun. The trail included six movable boards. The first one informed about the history of floods in Beroun and another one revealed what the enraged rivers took with them. The other boards dealt with bridges, the events of a few days in August 2002 and information about the flood control systems. The last board offered photographs showing what the places flooded in 2002 looked like in 2012.  

Václav Talich Nature Trail

This trail, opened in October 2012 on the occasion of the 30th annual Talich Beroun International Music Festival, leads through the world-famous conductor’s favourite places. These are the places that Talich, who was a passionate hiker, liked to visit regularly. The trail is about five kilometres long and runs through the Brdatky Valley, along the Ostrý hillside to Zdejcina, and then goes on to the top of Děd, following its ridge all the way to the U Studánky chapel. It mostly follows easily passable forest roads.

There are eleven stops with information boards. On the boards visitors can learn not only about the life and work of Václav Talich but also about the local flora, birds and mineral resources. Other boards focus on Brdatecké (now Talich) Valley, Zdejcina, and the Děd ridge and watchtower. The boards also contain knowledge quizzes. Part of the trail is wooden seating near the Děd watchtower. The Talich Trail was built by the town of Beroun with contributions from the Beroun Municipal Services (Technické služby Beroun) and the Czech Union for Nature Conservation (Český svaz ochránců přírody).