Bear Garden


Městská hora

GPS: 49° 57′ 47.295″N  14° 3′ 58.439″E

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The bear is featured on Beroun’s coat of arms and flag. In October 2000 the town also received live bears. Kuba, Vojta and Matěj were born on 13 January 2000 in Český Krumlov to fourteen-year old parents, Kateřina and Vok. Very soon they became famous thanks to Václav Chaloupek’s series The Bruins (Méďové). After the filming they found a home on Městská hora in Beroun, where the town had a bear garden built. There is a beautiful large run for the bears (almost 25 ares) with a pool. There are three bedrooms and a food preparation room. There is also a children’s playground and refreshment shop nearby. Every year the bears celebrate their birthday.

Collection for the bears
You can make a donation to the bear-keeping project in Beroun using the special money box at the bear garden, or you can send money to a special bank account. The town sets aside more than a million Czech crowns for the bears annually. It is necessary to provide maintenance and guarding, power, waste disposal, food for the bears, veterinary care and the staff’s salaries.
Account no.: 51 - 4852560217/0100