How to contribute to our bear collection?

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How to contribute to our bear collection?  1The live bears, Vojta, Matěj and Kuba, which live in the bear garden on Městská hora, are gradually being joined by others. These are ceramic and porcelain bears. Their collection is located in the city’s Information Centre. Anyone can contribute to the collection at any time.


Small, large, new as well as antique exhibits will be collected. Each donated specimen will be recorded in the visitor book along with the donor’s name and information about where the exhibit was obtained from and when.  The donor may also add their own dedication. The reward for anybody who donates a bear to the collection will be a certificate serving as a thank-you for their contribution.


How to donate a bear:

  • In person at the Information Centre in Beroun.
  • By mailing it to this address: MIC Beroun, Husovo nám. 69 (pasáž Na Nové), 266 01 Beroun


You can see the pictures of bears in the collection HERE.

Created: 24. 11. 2015
Last update: 7. 9. 2016 11:43