16 Beroun Pottery Museum


Zámečnická 14
26601 Beroun

GPS: 49° 57′ 53.7″N  14° 4′ 17.942″E

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The building represents an extant type of house of the poorest inhabitants of the city, who began to build houses in the area near the city walls. The house was built on ruins in 1720. From the mid-18th century it was owned by the Rein family, which is why it is called Rein House (Reinovský dům) in the city’s documents. It has been reconstructed several times. It gained its current appearance after an adaptation in 1810. Other significant modifications, especially of the interior, were done at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Since 2015 the house and the adjacent garden have been the location of the Beroun Pottery Museum, which documents the rich history of Beroun’s pottery trade.