New maps offer sightseeing trails

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New maps offer sightseeing trails  1The newly marked sightseeing trails for both children and adults, which include not only maps but also printed guides under the title Beroun mě bere (Beroun really gets me) – are offered by the town of Beroun for the tourist season.

Another new thing is the offer of guided tours of the city, which can be ordered at the Information Centre. About forty buildings were given new information boards before the season, providing facts about the history of these buildings and more.


The buildings marked in this way are connected by new sightseeing trails. Three of them are for adults: the history trail, education trail and tourist trail. There are three children’s versions: for the smallest, the bigger and the fit. Children can also do different tasks, for example, write down the year on the Jenštejn House portal, count the steps to the Děd watchtower or draw the city’s emblem.


After fulfilling all ten tasks and submitting them to the information centre, the successful ones can receive a reward. Moreover, QR codes have been added to the mapped documents as a modern way of providing information. There is a total of 42 buildings included on these sightseeing trails.


Maps of the trails, including English versions, can be downloaded for free from the city’s website HERE in the download section.

Created: 24. 11. 2015
Last update: 7. 9. 2016 11:43