Bear Garden

The bear is featured on Beroun’s coat of arms and flag. In October 2000 the town also received live bears. Kuba, Vojta and Matěj were born on 13 January 2000 in Český Krumlov to fourteen-year old parents, Kateřina and Vok. Very soon they became famous thanks to Václav Chaloupek’s series The Bruins (Méďové). After the filming they found a home on Městská hora in Beroun, where the town had a bear garden built. There is a beautiful large run for the bears (almost 25 ares) with a pool. There are three bedrooms and a food preparation room. There is also a children’s playground and refreshment shop nearby. Every year the bears celebrate their birthday.

Collection for the bears
You can make a donation to the bear-keeping project in Beroun using the special money box at the bear garden, or you can send money to a special bank account. The town sets aside more than a million Czech crowns for the bears annually. It is necessary to provide maintenance and guarding, power, waste disposal, food for the bears, veterinary care and the staff’s salaries.
Account no.: 51 - 4852560217/0100

In-line skating track

This new sports ground, which has no attendants, offers two in-line circuits 423 and 153.9 metres in length. There are also a few benches for sportspeople to have a rest and a car park with twenty-seven spaces.

Rákosníček Playground

This playground is situated behind the Lidl supermarket and among blocks of flats. Equipment: a climbing frame with ropes, a pouring pipe and a slide, a “nest” swing, a spring swing, a small children’s house, and a merry-go-round.

Skate park

The area offers sections of different difficulty levels for both beginners and professionals. The unroofed ferroconcrete skating park, sized 40x20 m, meets all the requirements for a professional sports ground.

Sportcentrum Eden

The area focuses on sports and leisure time activities. What you can find there is adrenalin, entertainment as well as comfort, peace and quiet, and relaxation. For golf players there is an indoor golf course.

Městská hora

In the Middle Ages, a gigantic forward fortification was built on this hill (291 m above sea level). Due to the extensive land owned by the church, the top was called Priest Mountain (Kněží hora).

Děd Watchtower

At the top of Děd (492 m above sea level) the Czech Hiking Club and the local beautification society built a twelve-metre tall stone watchtower. It has been owned by the town since 2013.

Městská hora Forest Park

The Městská hora forest park is a place in the centre of the city. It is frequented by local inhabitants and as well as tourists. Children’s playgrounds and a bear garden were built in the quiet area of the park.

Berounská Čertovka

In the Middle Ages the largest mills in town began to be built on the millrace: the Kříž, Zajíček and Panský mills. They were gradually converted into their current appearance. All of these mills are now defunct and are used for other commercial purposes.

Tipsport laguna Beroun

Tipsport laguna offers visitors to and inhabitants of Beroun and the vicinity sports and entertainment experiences in a modern water park with a wide range of services in order to meet your special requirements for leisure time activities.

Slunečnice, o. s. Family Centre

The Slunečnice, o. s. Family Centre is a stable, experienced organization that has been providing comprehensive services for families in the whole district of Beroun for more than ten years. It was founded in 2003 and has been developing dynamically ever since.

PUK Studio

Do you dislike typical gyms? Would you like to do something for your body in spite of that? In our studio you will find the most modern and most effective exercise machines for losing weight. You can lose weight, eliminate cellulitis and improve your shape without effort.

Idea Creative

In our workshop we organise special courses for both beginners and the advanced as well as birthday parties for children (and adults, too) with creative activities. Our workshop is open to the public, i.e., you can work there any time during our opening hours. For some techniques we can lend you tools and you can either buy from us or bring your own material.

R. A. K. Beroun Dance Centre

The R. A. K. Beroun Dance Centre specialises in teaching modern dance styles, focusing on preparation for competitions in the following styles: hip hop, show dance, disco dance, street dance, break dance, jazz dance, etc.